About me

I am a masters student at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Professor Katerina Fragkiadaki on visual grounding and language in 3d scenes, and with Professor Michael Kaess and the team from Amazon Lab126 on online camera calibration for visual SLAM. Earlier, I spent a wonderful year as a research assistant at IIIT-Hyderabad’s CVIT lab, working with Professor Vineet Gandhi on self supervised learning in vision and langauge, perception in autonomous vehicles and realtime video stabilization. Prior to this, I was a research engineer at Cube26 lab (acquired by Paytm), working on machine learning problems in vision, text and speech with a bunch of very interesting folks. Here’s my complete resume.

About this blog

If it wasn’t for all the lateral learning there was to get from research, this blog would have been purely about machine learning. But due to the interconnectedness of research and a number of topics like technology, startups, social implications of machine learning and research and life in general, this blog will probably not be confined to purely technical posts. Ping me if you have something interesting to talk about!

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